Null Reality is an interactive media company, whose main focus is on video games.

So far Null Reality has only published one game (Relentless) but is hoping to make a new one within 2016!

Vex, CEO of Null Reality believes that games are an inspiring artform, and wishes to spread his creativity as such.

Null Reality started on 9/26/14, and hopefully will be a well-known game company in the future!

As of now, Vex operates by sleeping on a couch, and being his grandmother's caretaker, and has little time frame to work.

If you wish to help Null Reality, please donate below! And look out for our future Kick Starters starring our new titles!


Current Donation Goal

Currently, Relentless is only for Android. I have not made enough income from the game

to buy an Apple License yet, so please feel free to donate to help the game reach another platform!

Just press the PayPal Logo below to donate. The donation bar updates semi-live. Thank You!

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